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The Arnett & Cullars Family Tree
A Brief Family History
How we all got here...
Our family's roots have yet to be fully documented. On the home page here, the earliest information is given that I know about. A suggestion to the origin of the Arnett surname is available here.

If you select the Genealogy page, the family crest, as I have been given it, is available. On the same page, there is a photo of the early Arnett family in Troup County, Georgia.

Early historical context

The earliest Arnett of this lineage is William Arnet born ca.1721-1737 in Pennsylvania. There is sketchy information about Matthew Cullars being in Virginia before 1785.

Try these links for information on North Carolina, Lincoln and Wilkes County, Georgia and for more general historical information.

Tribute to Independence

North Carolina Links

The USGENWEB Project

Lincoln County, Ga.

Wilkes County, Ga.