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My name is Walter L. Cullars.
Please contact me with your questions about this site. 

Some families know a great deal about their roots; 
others know very little. This site is an attempt 
to record what I've learned about my family history. 
Today, families tend to be scattered, so one of the 
goals of this site is to help you research, your own genealogy.

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Jesse Arnett - As published, 1991. 
b.10/8/1796 Anson Co., North Carolina (Wadesboro) 
d.11/12/1886 Standing Rock(Rock Mills), Ala. 
Father-Captain Peter Arnet ca1749 VA 
Grandfather-William Arnet ca1721 PA. 
Mother (Unknown) 
Married 12/11/1823 to Martha Jane Robertson 
b.8/29/1798 d.3/7/1881 
Father/Mother (unknown) 
Matthew Cullars, Sr. d.5/3/1841 Lincoln County, Georgia 
Captain District 'E' Lincoln County 
"List of Heads of Families-Virginia, 1783-1786 
Greenbriar County Now W.Va." p.109 
American Revolutionary Veteran 
"Official Register Land Lottery 1827" p.150 
Pvt. 11th Pennsylvania Regiment 
"Index to Revolutionary War Service Records" p.653 
First born, George Cullars 1785 Va.

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I would like to thank Miss Casey W. Arnett for allowing me to continue her work and for allowing me to update the book she wrote in 1991... 
"The Jesse & Martha Jane Robertson Arnett Family." 

Thanks to Mr. Walter Cullars Dorsey, and Mr. Newell Floyd for their working research on the Cullars, and Floyd family surnames. I have researched the work again to re-certify what everyone had, and developed further information on my own. 

I need to thank the Staff of the Lincoln County Library, the 
Troup County Archives, the Anson County Historical Society, the USGENWEB PROJECT, and Also, all the people that use, and Rootsweb Mail Lists. Thanks to The GenealogyToolBox, and

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