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Walter L. Cullars - LaGrange, Ga. 10/1999  Page -3-
Notes :  There are 10 children of the first generation. 
       C1 has 12 children, C2 has 5 children, C3 has 7 children, C4(incomplete),
       C5 has 12 children, C6(incomplete), C8(incomplete), C10(incomplete).
* (incomplete) means that my data has not been typed into this listing, these
  families are in my Gedcom file, as soon as I transcribe my work, they will be
  in both files. 
* If you have corrections that can be documented, please e-mail with your source !             
 This list copyright 1999, Walter L. Cullars. All Rights Reserved.  
Family members included in the list given permission to excerpt,
not to republish.
 Portions used by permission which many families contributed to; 
        "Jesse & Martha Jane Robertson Arnett Family"
          copyright 1991, Casey Arnett Decatur, Ga.
This is only a partial transcription of the lineage, from the text. 
The gedcom file is not finished PAF4.0.2 as of 10/99.
For the initial GedCom/HTML go to -
Information about part of this lineage reside within the text about the GLADNEY
surname;"Gladney's in America" which has been researched extensively.  However,
no information listed here has been used, or transcribed from that work.
Further research is ongoing to reveal the parentage of Jesse, and Martha, and 
any connection to foreign lands.  
Although there are many leads, Peter Arnett was in Anson Co., NC. and 
Screven Co., Ga. Census at about the correct times.  
Nothing of the maternal line has been documented. 
 * See the file "Arnett Immigrants" for more information about leads to the
surname in Europe, Scotland, and Germany. (Background page on this website.)
Thanks to Casey Arnett for all her long, and enjoyable hours visiting family, 
for allowing me to compile her info for the internet, and for writing her book! 
 She gets the first finished printed Gedcom.html file !
Thanks to Sharon Shaw Page for Lucy Priscilla Ray lineage!
Thanks to Jan Love Minter, and Fred Love! Visit their sites!
Thanks to Lena Mueller for info on Richmond Anderson Arnett lineage!
Thanks to Sandra Jean Arnett Pearl for Roy Arnett Kentucky downline!
Thanks to Andy Payne for details for Edmund Green Arnett lineage!
Thanks to John W. Arnett, Joe Arnett, and William Morgan V. for 
their continued support!  Visit their sites, too!
Godbless my mother Marianne Arnett Cullars.  
Also, my Grandmother "Mary Pal" Mary Hallman Arnett, Uncle Thomas Leland, Jr., 
Aunt Virginia & William Arnett, Uncle Roy & Aunt Evelyn Arnett, 
Grandfather "Daddy Tom" Thomas Leland Arnett, Uncle Raymond Arnett, 
Olen & Mildred Arnett, and Uncle Fred & Aunt Pauline Gladney.
And, finally all of the Halman family that have been a part of this lineage
for over one hundred years.
Thanks to the Troup County,Ga. Archives for assisting my initial studies.
Again, thanks to the family I have that remains, I hope to find many more!