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Walter L. Cullars - LaGrange, Ga. 10/1999

At this time, I cannot document parents of Jesse Arnett b1796 in Anson Co., NC.
I know there was a William Arnett with a wife, and daughter that would have been 
there in 1790.  I know that there was a Peter Arnet/Arnett, and a David Arnett there, 
and I believe that just on census records... Peter was Jesse's father.  Jesse Arnett
 married Martha Jane Robertson.

The Henry Jaspar Arnett married Lucinda Pannell, and was the son of 
Valentine Cruse Arnett.  That is an entirely different line of Arnetts.  
If you seek info about Volentine Arnott, he was born in Tenn. in 1824.
And, that is another, and different line of Arnetts.    

I can get you information about the downline on both Valentine Cruse, and
Volentine Arnott if you need.

Walter Leland Cullars 
- Gr.Gr.Gr.Gr.Grandson of Jesse Arnett & Martha Jane Robertson
* LaGrange, Ga.- home of some of the Arnetts since before 1911.
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Jesse Arnett  - As published, 1991 by Miss Casey W. Arnett
Born 10/8/1796
Anson Co., North Carolina (Wadesboro)
Died 11/12/1886 Standing Rock, Ala.
Father/Mother (Unknown)

Married 12/11/1823
Martha Jane Robertson (Anson Co., NC)
Born 8/29/1798  Died 3/7/1881
Father/Mother (believed "Roberson")

1790 Census - Peter Arnet, and David Arnett
         An older William Arnett is in Anson Co. with wife, and daughter.
1800 abt 4 years was in Anson Co.
1810 abt 14 years, still in Anson Co.
1820 abt 24 years, still listed in census.
Dec. 1823 Married Martha Jane Robertson
1830 census shows family living in Anson Co.
1835 Sells land in Anson Co.
1837 Living in Newton Co, Georgia.
1843 Newton Co, GA - Daughter Harriet Jane Arnett
          married to Samuel Faucett
1850 Family in Chambers Co., Ala.
Later census info shows the family in Randolph Co., Ala.
(10) Children disperse to various Georgia, and Alabama, and other
        locations.  Most are burried Standing Rock, Ala. in the
        Salem Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery. 
The remainder of this information has been updated.
1999 by Walter L. Cullars, and MUST remain intact.
I. Jesse Arnett & Martha Jane Robertson

Jesse Arnett b 10/8/1796 m 12/11/1823 d 11/12/1886
Martha Jane Robertson b 8/29/1798 d 3/7/1881

C1 - Harriet Anne b 12/11/1824 d (ca1858/60)
   m Samuel Faucett b (ca1818/19) m 4/9/1843 d 1/23/1897
     m2 Martha Mulloy  b (1832) m(1860-63) d 1/3/1902
C2 - Edmund Green b 2/5/1826 m (ca1850/52) d 9/20/1883
   m Mary A. Mayfield b 5/6/1831 d 9/3/1882
C3 - Frances Ellen b 7/9/1827 d 6/27/1889
   m Samuel Sentel Love b 4/8/1824 m 12/13/1846 d 8/29/1908
C4 - Richmond Anderson b 2/15/1829 m 12/14/1851 d 5/28/1912
   m A.M. Veal b 11/29/1831 d 2/4/1890
C5 - Jesse Thomas b 6/30/1831 m 9/6/1849 d 9/5/1908
   m Sara Eliz. Hendricks b 4/7/1834 d 10/12/1899
C6 - Peter William b 1/31/1833 m 11/23/1852 d 3/12/1913
   m Eliz Hardage b (12/26/1836) d 4/14/1894
  m2 Emma Holland m (1895) b 11/30/1852 d 10/26/1940
C7 - Martha Margaret b 1/9/1835 (Unknown Data)
C8 - Theophilus Hinton b 9/22/1837 m 9/22/1856 d 3/22/1917
   m Martha Jane Willis b 10/26/1837 d 3/3/1908
  m2 Minerva Bond Saunders m 10/5/1913 (Birth/Death Unknown)
C9 - Sarah Adeline Arnett (Twin) b9/22/1837 d.
C10- Elvira Armenta b 12/25/1840 d(Unknown)
    m Levi N. Mulloy b(1838) m(1857) d 8/8/1864