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Arnott Clan Cairn

Cairn of Arnott

My name is Walter L. Cullars, descendent of Jesse Thomas Arnett

from Wadesboro, Anson County, North Carolina.

My grandmother sent off for information from...

"The Media Research Bureau" Washington, D.C.

about "The Name and Family of Arnett, Or Arnott."

And so it reads...

The name of Arnett, or Arnott is in cases an early corruption of the baptismal name of Arnold. In other cases, it is believed to be of Saxon, or Teutonic origins, meaning "Little Eagle," and the Scottish adopted the surname from residence at Arnot Tower, in Perthshire, Scotland. Found early in Scotland, England, Germany, and France, the name is spelled in a variety of ways... Arnut, Arnutt, Arnot, Arnote, Arnat, Arnatt, Arnit, Arnet, Arnott, and Arnett (and changes).

In England, the seats of the families were in the Cambridge, and Oxford counties. In Scotland, the counties of Ayr, Perth, Forfar, and Fife. The earliest known progenitor of the family of Scottish right was John de Arnot, living in the year of 1105AD. Next was the Malcolm de Arnot - 1180AD, father of three sons; Sir Peter Arnot, William, and another that became Abbot of Kelso in 1160AD. Also of this Scottish family were Michael de Arnot - 1160, and David Arnot of Fifeshire in 1206. As early as 1240AD, Sir Malcolm was living in the Fifeshire area. It is probable that he is the father of Sir Henry, and Michael. Of these, Sir Henry was father of Nicol Arnot(Arnet) who served King Robert Bruce - 1320AD. (While Michael may have been father of that Michael Arnot who married a sister of Duncan, Earl of Fife.) Probable brother of Michael was Alexander Arnot. (Noted; Alexander present at the coronation of Edward Baliol, 1332.)

Records of those in Scotland include Master Andrew Arnot, 1321;

Friar Archibald Arnot, minister of Scotlandwell, 1321;

William Arnot, 1324;

Michael Arnot, Laird of Arnot, in Fife - succeeded before 1388 by his son David Arnot, and David was the father of Sir Henry Arnot.

Sir Henry had three sons, William, John, and James.

James married an heiress of Brocoli, and was the grandfather of;

John Arnot of Colbrandspath, Scotland... his son was William.

William and Marion Wallace had the Sir John Arnott of Berswick.

William Arnot of Arnot(above) was the eldest son of Sir Henry Arnot.

Had two sons; Richard, and John. Richard resigned his lands to his brother. John married Marjory Boswell (John Boswell(F)).

They had two sons; John, and Walter, as well as several daughters; Florence, Bessie and Helen. Walter had one daughter.

John, Laird of Arnot married Catharine Melville, daughter of Laird of Carnbee. John, and Catharine had one daughter, Giles, and eighteen sons, including; John, David, Robert, Malcolm, and Henry.

Of the last mentioned, John married Euphemia Scott, daughter of the Laird of Balweary. They had Walter, Andrew, David, James, and another son, who was the progenitor of the Arnots of Pitmedden.

Walter, eldest, and successor of John and Euphemia, built the South Tower of the Place of Arnot in 1520. Sometime prior to 1508, Walter married Elizabeth Duddingstone, daughter of the Laird of Sanford. Their sons were; David, Archibald, and George.

David married Janet Bruce, dauhgter of the Laird of Earlshall. They had seven children; David, Andrew, Walter, Robert, Janet, Elizabeth, and Helen. David was the oldest son, married Catherine Forrester.

David, and Catherine had three children; David, Walter, and George.

Son, David died unmarried. Walter Arnot succeeded his father David as Laird of Arnot, married Mary Balfour, daughter of Sir James Balfour. They had several children, again; James, Michael, Walter and others.

James died without children, and was succeeded by his younger brother who was created a Baronet by King Charles I in 1629. Sir Michael married Ann Broun, by whom he had, among other children, a son named Charles.

Robert Arnott, (above) third son of John, and Catharine of Fifeshire, acquired the lands of Woodmylne, Scotland about 1509. By his wife, Janet Balvaird, he had two sons; Robert, and Peter. Of these, Peter was the proginator of the family Arnot at Balcormo, Scotland.

Robert left issue by his wife, Elizabeth Balcomy, of John, Andrew, and Elizabeth. John(above) died before his father's death, leaving a son, John, who married Christian Fairnie (Andrew Fairnie(F)).

John, and Christian had a son named John Arnott.

Another branch of the family is represented in 1417 by John de Arnot of Lochrig, County Ayr, Scotland.

He is believed the father of Edward, and Andrew who was succeeded by Henry Arnott, father of Andrew. The last mentioned was the father of Robert Arnot, of Lochrig who had a son, Andrew, who married Elizabeth Crawford.

They had two sons, Andrew, and David. Of these, Andrew had a son named Alexander who married Janet Ross and died about 1623, leaving three children, Alexander, John, and Elizabeth.

Alexander married Jean Sempill about 1639, and they had (another) son Alexander, who married Jane Arnot of the elder Fifeshire line. Alexander, and Jean had three children; Alexander, James, and Anna.

The earliest record of the name in England are of Lecia Arnet, Milisent Arnet, and John Arnet who were living in the County of Cambridge about 1273; and "Arnet le Mercer", of Oxfordshire, in the same year.

Under a later date, records can be found of a Charles Arnett who married Mary Newton. (London)

Probably the first line to establish in the Americas were those people that settled in Virginia abouth the middle of the eighteenth century.

Found James Arnott of Norfolk County, Va. whose daughter was Elizabeth who married William Donaldson 1771.

The widow Mary Arnott Norfolk, Va. married 1771 to John Shaw.

William Arnett was granted about 400 acres in Jefferson County, Ky. 1781.

John, Robert, Peter, and Dr. William Arnett(Arnot) who settled in Screven county, Georgia 1788.

Bernard Arnott, Albemarle Co., Va. prior to 1789.

Zachariah Arnett of Virginia, who was the father before the end of the eighteenth century of a son, James Arnett who moved to Bourbon County, Ky. before 1815, and who may have been another son of the Zachariah Arnett of Virginia.

And, there was Reverend William Arnett who died in Arkansas in 1822.

John Arnot, native of Perthshire, Scotland came to America about 1801. He settled near Albany, NY. His son, born in Scotland, John Arnot of Elmira, NY married Harriet Tuttle, 1823.

They had Marianna Tuttle, Amelia Covell, Stephen Tuttle, John Jr., Matthias Hallenback, Mary Frances, and Peter Arnot. Peter died young.

Revolutionary War Service include:

Henry Arnat(Arnot), Virginia.

William Arnett, Virginia.

David Arnett, Kentucky.

James, Thomas, and William Arnet(Arnett), Pennsylvania.

Jacob, James, and Thomas Arnott(Arnutt), Pennsylvania.

Samuel Arnet, New Jersey.

Cornelius Arnett, New York.

Lieutenant Abraham Arnot, New York.

Bibliography not included here.

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