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Resources for Wilkes County


The books listed below has been personally reviewed and appear to be very useful to the researcher of Wilkes County, Georgia. (The opinions stated are that of the reviewer and in no way are presented as representing the opinion of the USGenWeb Project or the GAGenWeb Project.)

Wilkes County, Georgia Tax Records, 1785-1805
By Frank Parker Hudson
e-mail address is: e-mail

Two hard cover volumes, with Library quality binding, on 8 1/2 inch by 11 inch archival (acid free) grade paper. It includes a 204 page Index to Returns of Persons Subject To Taxation, Adjoining Landowners and Original Grantees (Or For Whom the Land Was Surveyed) It lists all extant tax records (over 47,000)including some which had not been microfilmed before research on this book started. Mr. Hudson has listed all data of genealogical significance found in the records. Click here for a full review of this book.

An 1800 Census for Lincoln County, Georgia, (Tax Records for 1801 & 1802)

Compiled by Frank Parker Hudson.
Published by The R. J. Taylor Jr. Foundation
e-mail address is: e-mail

Atlanta, GA 1977
135 pages, 6" x 9", paperback.
Contains a full name index.

All of Lincoln County was taken from Wilkes County in February 1796. The compiler has "bridged the gap" so as to continue the records of those residents formerly of Wilkes County, and the Militia Districts, by using the same symbols for districts found in his Wilkes County Tax Records, 1785-1805. There are no tax records extant for Lincoln County for the period 1796-1800, making it necessary to use the returns for 1801 and 1802 to make a substitute for the missing 1800 U.S. Census.

In addition, charts are included to show the succession of Captains of Militia Districts of Lincoln County until 1830, to assist in research in later tax records up until the first extant U.S. Census for the county. The number of slaves and the number of acres owned, the watercourses draining the land, and names of adjacent landowners are included. All free males of voting age who did not own property are included for their poll tax. Maps show locations of Militia Districts until 1830.

The book is worth the price for the Bibliography and footnotes alone.

Last known source (as of Jan. 1998): Available from Frank P. Hudson, 7 Ivy Chase, Atlanta, GA 30342

Last known price : $5.00 postpaid

Wilkes Co., Ga., Deed Books A - V V, 1784-1806.
Compiled by Michal Martin Farmer
e-mail address is: e-mail

Library of congress Number 96-084867

This book contains 974 pages and gives all the pertinent information abstracted from the deeds. Mrs. Farmer used microfilm of the records from the Georgia Department of Archives and History. She has attempted with great success to gives the names exactly as spelled on the document on file in the courts of Georgia. She has cross referenced the variant spellings in the index where possible.

Included is a nice two page overview of the history of the area. another page lists the dates Counties were created using lands from the original Wilkes County .

Deed Book A begins in 1784 and the book goes through Deed Book VV in 1806.

A typical entry which relates to my family is found on page 363 of the book and is from Deed Book MM.

"p. 49 20 Feb. 1792, Jacob Nealy of Columbia Co., Ga. to Richard Graves of Wilkes Co., Ga. for 25 pounds, patented to Jacob Nealy on Loyds Creek, adj. N.E. by John Graves, Senr. & James Graves, S. by Hammock, 150 acres. (signed) Jacob Neeley, Rebech (\) Neeley. Wit: John Roberts, John (x) Keeth, Adam (^) Mannan. Proved before Jas. Flemming, J.P. of Columbia Co., Ga. by Adam Mannan, Jno. Keeth & John Roberts. They saw Jacob Neely & Rebeckah, his wife, sign, 8 Feb. 1794."

The index is about 140 pages long and appears to be very complete.

It contains a Plan of the Town of Washington from 1805 and a sketch of the original Wilkes County showing the creeks and rivers. A similar sketch is included for the present day Wilkes County.

974 pages, 6" x 9", acid free paper, Smyth sewn, hard cover.

Publication made possible by a grant from the R. J. Taylor, Jr. Foundation.

Last known source (As of Jan. 1998)
Michal Martin Farmer, P. O. Box 140880, Dallas, TX 75214-0880.

Last known price (As of Jan. 1998) $50.00 postage paid

The Marriages of Wilkes county Georgia 1792-1925

Compiled by Larry Raymond Butler and Janice Butler Turner, Ph.D.
Published by Butler and Turner
e-mail address is: e-mail

268 pages, 8 1/2" x 11", Hard cover.

This well done book indexes all the Marriage records that are included in the Georgia State Archives microfilm records of Wilkes County, Georgia up to and including 1925. The entry lists, not only the Microfilm roll number, but where the microfilm has numbered pages, the page number is included. There is a separate groom index and bride index listing. It should prove valuable to all researching Wilkes County lines.

The columns include:

(Note the columns listed are for the Groom Index. For the Bride Index, swap the words Groom/Bride.)

Groom Surname
The Groom Given Name
Bride Surname
Bride Given Name
Marriage Date (or license date, if no marriage date is given)
Official (performing the service)
MFL # (Georgia State Archives Microfilm Roll Number)
PG # (Page number, where the roll has page numbers)

Where entries were found in multiple sources, the most accessible/readable version was used if the data was identical. If the data was different, the original data was used.

When two different entries are found, but with different spouse names on the same date, both entries are listed.

The following rolls of microfilm were listed as source material
for this index:

Number          Description
114                     Book 1806-1834
373/374                 Book 1834-1871
RHS 374/375             Book 1871-1882
RHS 375                 1882-1902
66/67                   Loose Originals (Pages not numbered)
2941                    1792-1842 Loose Originals (Pages not numbered,
indexed on the film)
1063-4                          This roll has an index, but 
apparent errors were noted.
1-417                   1850-1925 A-Ba
1-418                   1850-1925 B-Eckles
1-419                   1850-1925 E-Hyman
1-420                   1850-1925 I-Norman
1-421                   1850-1925 N-Smith
1-422                   1850-1925 S-Z
Last known source (as of Jan. 1998): Available from Janice B. Turner, 3931 Belair Road, Augusta, GA 30909

Last known price : $45.00

Book that I have been provided information on and are believed to be useful to the Wilkes County researcher.

The books listed below have not been personally reviewed but appear to be useful to the researcher of Wilkes County, Georgia. (The review was supplied by the author/compiler and, therefore, may not represent the opinion of Tom, the USGenWeb Project nor the GAGenWeb Project.)

Other books available or soon to be available compiled by Larry Raymond Butler and Janice Butler Turner, Ph.D.

Published by Butler and Turner
e-mail address is: e-mail

The Marriages of Lincoln Co.  1806-1955

1850/1860 Census of Lincoln Co.

1870 Census of  Lincoln Co.---in progress

1840/1850 Elbert Co.   (the older versions left out the Free Persons of
color and 6 pages)

Augmented 1860 Elbert Census--this was cross checked with marriages and
maiden names included)

Elbert 1870 Census

Elbert 1880 Census--being proofed for printing

Lincoln Co. Cemeteries--the first survey ever in that county  being
proofed 1850/1860 Census of Wilkes Co.

Wilkes County, Georgia Will Index 1777-1921
Compiled by Ted O. Brooke
e-mail address is:

An all new index to 1.076 wills of early Wilkes County, GA. It includes all recorded wills for 1777-1921. In addition, for all original wills for 1778-1864; 1,076 testators are alphabetically referenced to the date and record book & page of each will. Paper bound book is 32+ pp.

Last known source (As of Jan. 1998)Ted Brooke, 2055 Foster Dr,, Cumming, GA 30040-3549.

Last known price (As of Jan. 1998) Price, $8.00 each postpaid, GA residents add 7% sales tax.

Phillip's Mill Baptist Church Minutes, Wilkes County, Georgia.
Compiled by Jimmie Franklin
e-mail address is:


Last known source (As of about 1995)Meridian MS - Lauderdale County Department of Archives and history, P.O. Box 5511, Meridian, MS 39302-5511.

Last known price (As of about 1995) Price, about $15.00.

Phillip's Mill Baptist Church Minutes, Wilkes County, Georgia.


of the Original Minutes.

Publication No. 1111.

Phillips Mill Baptist Church, Wilkes County, Georgia, 1785-1948.

Not Indexed.

Last known source Historical Commission, Southern Baptist Association
901 Commerce Street
Nashville, TN 37203.

Last known price (As of about 1995) Price, about $15.00.

The History of Rehoboth Baptist Church

by Betty Sue Bunch and Linda Wheatley

Last known sources

 Mary Willis Library
204 East Liberty Street
Washington, Georgia 30673

For more information contact the library or

Betty Sue Bunch

Last known price Not known

Thornton Trails

by Betty Sue Bunch and Linda Wheatley

Last known sources

 Mary Willis Library
204 East Liberty Street
Washington, Georgia 30673

For more information contact the library or

Betty Sue Bunch

Last known price Not known

Chronicles of Danners and Wheatleys and Allied Families

by Betty Sue Bunch and Linda Wheatley

Last known sources

 Mary Willis Library
204 East Liberty Street
Washington, Georgia 30673

For more information contact the library or

Betty Sue Bunch

Last known price Not known

"Clarke Co. (Athens), Georgia, Newspaper Abstracts, 1808-1820."

by Faye Poss

Source of information, Faye Poss and the Atlanta Journal Constitution Newspaper, Jan. 24, 1999, Access Atlanta, Ken Thomas, Jr.'s column on genealogy

or more specifically

 The book is reported to consist of abstracts of the Georgia Express (1808-1813) and the Athens Gazette (1814-1820).

 Material is listed in chronological order.

 It has three indexes: full-name index of the people:
A slave first name index with cross-references listing their masters.

 In addition there is a place and subject index.

References occur to most of the Georgia counties, so there is reason to check this book for any county information.

 Among the topics that were noted in the article by By Kenneth H. Thomas Jr.,were land sales, laws passed in the legislature, schools, ads about runaway slaves and slave sales, the newly- opened University of Georgia, marriages and deaths and crimes. It includes significant foreign news including information on the War of 1812.

 Published with a Taylor Foundation Grant Last known sources

 Faye Stone Poss
2767 Centerville Rosebud Road
Snellville, GA 30039

Faye Stone Poss

Last known price: $36 plus $4 postage and $2.52 sales tax

Hollyman Family

First published in 1952 by George Holleman , updated and reprinted in 1989, by Tina Peddie

375 pages
Fully indexed
Hard cover, Library bound


The genealogy begins with CHRISTOPHER HOLLYMAN who died in Isle of Wight Co.VA 1691 (and wife Mary (Gray?), with their several children. Updated to 1989. Those who submitted current info, or corrections, additions,etc., have names and addresses in the book, so you can contact them.

 The book contains thousands of names and all, including non-Hollimans, are indexed.

 Book also has many Wills, Census recsords of Hollimans (all spellings), 1790 Census of Hollimans, Black Hollimans, connected and non-connected to the family line.

 Last known sources

 Tina Peddie

For more information contact

Tina Peddie

Last known price: Not known


Most Wanted List: Books wanted by Wilkes County Researchers

29 September 1999

 A Short History of The "NORMAN - MAXWELL FAMILIES", featuring the Ancestors and Descendants of William Benson Jefferson Norman and Julia Ann Maxwell Norman, by Quillie Norman. Shady Nook, Hartwell, Hart County, Georgia. published 1953. I would like a copy, or where I could obtain a copy, or willing to pay for photo copies, since the book is out of print.

Contact Don at 

July 2, 1998

I would like to know if the book James and Richard Aycock, their descendants by Jane Everline Aycock is available for purchase.

Book Vendor Links with books related to Wilkes County

Heritage Papers, P.O. Box 7776, Athens, GA 30604-7776.

Southern Historical Press, P.O. Box 1267, Greenville, SC, 29602-1267.(No webPage located as of 29 Jan. 1998.)

SK Publications

1850 Georgia map Images of the 1850 Census Original Returns


Location of records by type

 Office of the Probate Judge:
4th floor
They have all birth, death, marriages, and wills.

 Office of the Clerk of Court
Land deeds and land titles.

 The records listed below are reported to exist and it is also reported that they can be obtained through your local Family History Center. In many cases your local library may have or perhaps borrow a copy.

  • Marriage Records - Court of Ordinary 1790-1905
  • Minutes of Ordinary Court 1799-1903
  • Inferior Court Records 1784-1882
  • Superior Court Records 1791-1827
  • Registry of Confederate Soldiers 1861-1864
  • Confederate Pension Rolls 1890-1920
  • Probate records - Court of Ordinary Records 1800-1938
  • Wills 1791-1921
  • Minutes and Misc. Records of the Superior Court 1795-1904
  • Index to Land Grants 1784-1839
  • Lottery Lists for 1805, 1807, 1820/21, 1827, & 1832
  • Deed Records and Mortgages 1785-1901
  • Tax Digest 1790-1867 


These books are reported to have been available. If copies are now available, please contact Tom in order to list a source. 
  • A Brief History of Early Methodist Societies in the Broad River Valley by John W. Boyd
  • Beaver Dam Baptist Church 1836-1923
  • Ebenezer Baptist Church 1892-1925
  • Records of the Tignall Charge by Rev. Harold Lawrence
  • Miscellaneous Baptist Church Records of Georgia
  • Philips Mill Baptist Church 1785-1948
  • Rehoboth Baptist Church 1806-1934
  • Wilkes County Papers 1773-1833 by Robert Scott Davis
  • Early Georgia Wills & Settlements of Estates by Sarah Quinn Smith
  • Wilkes - Lincoln County, GA Families by Jennette H. Austin
  • James & Richard Aycock, their descendants, earliest settlers of Wilkes Co. By Jane Everline Aycock
  • A 1790 Census for Wilkes County (from Tax Records) by Frank Parker Hudson. ( Mr. Hudson indicates that all data in this book is included in "Wilkes County, Georgia Tax Records, 1785-1805.)
  • A Story of Wilkes Co., Georgia by Eliza A Bowen
  • The Earliest Settlements in Wilkes Co. By Alex. M. Hitz
  • Wilkes Co. Scrapbook by Janet H. Standard
  • We Have This Heritage by Robert Marion Wellingham
  • Wilkes County, GA Early Land Grants 1774-1775
  • Wilkes County, GA Marriage Records 1792-1832 by Frances T. Ingmire
  • Abstracts of Wills 1790-1852 by Mrs Verron L. LeMaster
  • The Weaver Families of Georgia - Volume I by Jim Bass
  • Early Records of Wilkes County, Georgia - Volume I and II by Grace G. Davidson. 1933.
  • "The Hills of Wilkes County, Ga." (2 Volumes,) It is reported to have an extensive section on the Popes from Isle of Wight Co., to NC, through to the time they came to Wilkes County and is very well documented. 


Wilkes Co. Records may appear in many books that deal with multiple counties

  • Index to the Headright & Bounty Grants of Georgia, 1756-1909 (Silas Emmett Lucas)
  • The 1805 Land Lottery of Georgia (Virginia S. Wood)
  • The 1827 Land Lottery of Georgia (Martha Lou Houston)
  • The 1832 Cherokee Land Lottery - Volume I & II, Update (James F. Smith)
  • Sketches of Some of the First Settlers of Upper Georgia (George R. Gilmer)
  • Georgia Wills, 1733-1860 Index (Ted O. Brooke)
  • Historic Georgia Families (Lewis Wiley Rigsby)
  • Georgia's Roster of the Revolution (Lucian L. Knight)
  • Memoirs of Georgia, Volume I & II (Southern Historical Association)
  • Georgia Land Lottery Papers, 1805-1914 (Silas E. Lucas)
  • Second or 1807 Land Lottery of Georgia (Silas E. Lucas)
  • A List of the Early Settlers of Georgia (E. Merton Coulter)
  • Index to Georgia Wills (Jeannette H. Austin)
  • Georgia Intestate Records (Jeannette H. Austin)
  • Georgia Bible Records (Jeannette H. Austin)
  • Researcher's Library of Georgia History, Genealogy & Records, Volume I & II (Robert Scott Davis) 

Addresses That May Be Helpful

Much of this information supplied by the Washington - Wilkes Chamber of Commerce and by Mr. Don Fucich. Thank you.

Wilkes County Probate Court 
Probate Judge Jim Burton
Chief Clerk Kay Finney
Room 422
23 East Court St
Washington, GA 30673-1516

Meet the Judge and More Information on the Office

Wilkes County Court 23 East Court St
Washington, GA 30673-1516
Wilkes Co Magistrate Court 
Rosalee Martin
Room 427 
23 East Court St.
Washington, Ga. 30673
Wilkes County Superior Court
Superior Court Clerk; Mildred Peeler
Deputy Clerks, Jane Robb & Mitzie Vinson 
23. East Court St.
Room 205
Washington, Ga. 30673
More Information on this Office
Wilkes County Tax Commissioner
Mary Hubbard.
23. East Court St.
Room 204
Washington, Ga. 30673
More Information on this Office
Washington - Wilkes
Chamber of Commerce
Dianne Brinkley, Administrative Assistant 
City Hall Annex
104 E. Liberty Street
P.O. Box 661
Washington, Georgia 30673
Washington Historical Museum 308 East Robert Toombs Avenue
Washington, GA 30673-2038
A State of Georgia Museum
Open for tours 
Tuesday through Saturday 10-5
Sunday 2-5 
Closed on Mondays and on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Day.
A small fee is charged for admission.
Robert Toombs House 216 East Robert Toombs Avenue
Washington, GA 30673
Open for tours Tuesday through Saturday 10-5
Sunday 2-5 
Closed on Mondays and on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Day.
A small fee is charged for admission.
Callaway Plantation 5 mi. west of Washington on US 78
Across from the Washington-Wilkes Airport
Washington, GA
A Historic Restoration Project of
the City of Washington
Open for tours Tuesday through Saturday 10-5
Sunday 2-5 
Closed on Mondays and on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Day.
A small fee is charged for admission.
Savannah River Valley Genealogy Society c/o Hart County Library
Benson St
Hartwell, GA 30643
Mary Willis Library
A part of the
Bartram Trail Library System Serving Wilkes Taliaferro, and McDuffie Counties.
Mrs. Celeste Stover
Library Director
204 E. Liberty St.
Washington, GA 30673-1749
706-678-7736 Open Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8:30 -5:30 Thursday 8:30 -8:00 Saturday 10 - 4 Closed Saturday
Kettle Creek Battlefield Approx. 7 miles from Washington, Georgia
Off Highway 44 on Warhill Road.
Open Year round.
No attendant
Revolutionary War Battleground.
Wilkes County Historical Society 17 West Robet Toombs Ave.
Washington, Ga. 30973